Georgian Employer’s Association (GEA)

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The Association is an independent, nonprofit, self-regulated business union and works accordingly with employers (manufacturers and enterprise) and international labor organizations standards and conventions. The Association represents social partners together with the country's government and trade union.

The main task of the Association is to provide member companies with economic and legal rights, and to protect their interests; to take part in developing enterprise politics according to legislation; to establish law and enterprise culture in society; to make partnership relations with the government and trade union; to plan the complex developing of small and midsized businesses; to establish relations with international organizations and to further the development of existing relations; to realize the cooperation with South Caucasian country's manufacturers and enterprisers; to further cooperation with employer organizations and to organize mutual program's creation and development in the Caucasus Region; to support the citizen's choice to be an employer or an employee; to realize and create an effective cell of study courses and consultation services.

The GEA presents business forums and meetings in Georgia and abroad. Also, the Association, by its informational cell, supports association member's connection to foreign companies and international organizations and helps Association members to research financial resources. The Georgian Employer's Association helps association's members to organize presentations and meetings, as well as provides employer's meetings with authorities and representatives of international organizations.
More than 1000 companies are represented by the association all over the country in the following sectors:

  • building/design
  • pharmacy
  • tourism
  • insurance
  • trade
  • agriculture
  • processing industry
  • financial banking
  • hotels and restaurants
  • transportation and communication
  • business consultation centers

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