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Travel Agency

Lucky Tours
We are a full service travel company and we are continuously striving to provide not only the highest standards, but also, perhaps, the most unique and interesting tours. Our young and dynamic company has been and continues to be involved in creating extremely interesting and highly unusual options in order to accommodate as many different types of customers as possible. We have the ability to create tours for either one person, or groups of people. We are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm.
Plan your next great vacation with "Lucky Tour" Travel Agency. We make it easy to get the best prices on flights, hotels, excursions and other services.


Café Free Time
Café Free-Time is a unique, family owned and operated, home style fast food café located on the first floor of the Mioni Center. The Café serves 150-200 people daily, and its menu includes up to 50 different types of salads and hot dishes as well as freshly grilled steak. Café Free Time features indoor and outdoor dining.

Chocolate Factory
The Chocolate Factory is the first company in Georgia to create handmade chocolates. Each sweet is handmade, covered with designs, and given an individual shape. High quality Belgian ingredients are used in the production process, which is revealed in the delicious flavor of the final product.
In our cozy café, in addition to the variety of chocolates offered, you can also try delicious hot chocolate and other beverages as well as a variety of crepes.

Café Lunch Time
At Café Lunch Time you can expect a pleasant environment, quality service and acceptable prices in our café. You are welcome to visit us every day, except Sunday 11:00 – 18:30 to taste our diverse dishes.

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