Brief History of the Mioni Building

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The Mioni Building was built in the 1970s when Georgia was part of the Soviet Union. Being a military factory, it specialized in developing and producing atomic submarines and ballistic missiles. It also featured an institute, where specialists and professors worked on new military inventions.

Because of its military importance, the Mioni Building was classified as a top secret building, which had underground tunnels and a bomb shelter so that, in case of war, the building staff could move underground and continue to work.

The modern evidence of such a clandestine past is the fact that the street next to the building remains to this day unnamed.

The tall tower adjacent to the Mioni Building was a boiler-house using heat from the burning of coal to supply hot water to some areas of Tbilisi.

The Mioni Building continued to be an active military factory until the collapse of Soviet Union. The building remained mostly vacant until 2005 when Electronic Technologies LLC became the owner, and started to develop the building into office spaces to facilitate positive partnerships between high-tech businesses.

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